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Transform your 360 videos with Insta360 Studio, a free 360 photo and video editor

Insta360 Studio is a free software that enables you to view 360 photos and videos, and edit 360 videos.  It’s available for both Windows and Mac OS X.


The software is from Insta360, makers of the Insta360 4k and the Nano cameras.  However, it can also be used for photos and videos taken by other 360 cameras as long as they’re in standard equirectangular .jpg or .mp4 format.  In addition to jpg and mp4, Studio can also read Insta360’s proprietary .INSP 360 photo and .INSV 360 video format.
When viewing photos or videos, you can switch from a regular 360 view, or a little planet view.  In either view, you can use the mouse to drag the view to a different perspective.
You can also use Studio to edit videos (but not photos), transforming them into different perspectives.  In this sense, it has a similar function to mobile apps such as Rollworld, which are not yet available for Android.  However, Studio offers multiple transformations and more sophisticated transformation controls.
When editing, you’ll be shown a timeline of the video.  You can then add any number of keyframes along the timeline.  At each keyframe, you can choose the particular perspective that you want.  Studio will then transition from one keyframe perspective to the next.  You can also change the transition pace by clicking on the line between a keyframe.  You can then export the video in mp4 format.Here’s a sample video (from the Insta360 Nano) edited with the Studio

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