Instagram is working on adding support for spherical 360 photos and videos

While Instagram’s parent company Facebook has been quick to adopt support for 360 videos and photos, Instagram has thus far not supported 360 photos or videos yet.  However, a recent interview with Bloomberg suggests that Instagram is working on adding support for spherical 360 videos and photos (sometimes called “VR”).
Instagram CEO and co-founder Kevin Systrom spoke to Bloomberg’s Emily Chang.  During the interview, they discussed among other things VR’s impact on Instagram.  Here’s what Systrom had to say:
Well if [Instagram’s] vision is to make you feel like you can travel anywhere in the world in a fraction of a second and experience whatever’s happening in the world, imagine the day when you can put on a headset and be at a Coldplay concert seeing something happen like a big protest or a big riot anywhere in the world or something as simple as a friend’s wedding.  That’s the kind of experience we’d love to create and I think that virtual reality in the coming years will play a critical role in seeing that vision come true.” (emphasis added).
From Systrom’s statement, it appears that Instagram is indeed working on supporting spherical 360 photos and videos — the kind viewed on a VR headset such as Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or even the Playstation VR.