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Here is Xiaomi’s fully spherical 360 camera: Xiaomi Mijia Sphere Camera

Xiaomi Mijia Sphere 360 camera
Xiaomi Mijia Sphere 360 camera

Xiaomi officially announced its fully spherical 360 camera, the Xiaomi Mijia Sphere Camera.

Last week, I posted about Xiaomi’s new 360 camera.  Now Xiaomi has officially announced the camera, which is called the Xiaomi Mijia Sphere Camera.

Here are the key specs:
– Photo resolution: 23.88 megapixels
– Video resolution: 3.5k (nearly 4k)
IP67 water resistance
6-axis stabilization
– 1700 yuan (around $250)

Here is a video showing the Xiaomi Mijia.  As you can see the Xiaomi Mijia is quite slim, which should mean that it can have very good stitching due to being less prone to parallax stitching error.

It does not have in-camera stitching.  Instead, the stitching is via its app.  The app also has some sample 360 videos.  Here is a link to the app (Android version).  Here are frame grabs from some of the videos:



Xiaomi will be available for order on April 6, midnight (GMT+8), which is April 5, 9am Pacific Daylight Time  on home.mi.com and jd.com.