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Kodak PIXPRO Orbit360 sample 4K 360 video

Kodak Orbit360 sample 4K 360 video
Kodak Orbit360 sample 4K 360 video

Hi everyone! I’m still working on part 2 of the review, but in the meantime, here is a sample 360 video from the Kodak PIXPRO Orbit360 (aka 4KVR360). For the segments where I was walking, I used the Guru 360 gimbal to stabilize the video.

What do you think of the video quality? Pls. let me know in the comments!

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  • My review on the video quality is waiting approval on your other post. This video demonstrates exactly what I posted… the stitch line is obvious, the forward facing camera is much more detailed, and the image quality is no better than the sp3604k. I challenge you to reshoot your demo during a blue sky sunny day; the poor quality really pops out there notably when the sun is in front of or in back of you.

    • I provided more detail in regards to my comments over in the early test result post but I will also comment here to clarify. The orbit 360 is designed and intended as a consumer level 360 capture device. It is not a prosumer or professional level 360 camera. For its intended use cases it is suitable in design and function. The mistake was on my end for assuming that this was the Next Generation of the sp360 4K.

  • To me this cam is a fail, sorry to say. I did a video for fun a couple of weeks ago where I stitched together a front sphere from the LG360CAM (1280×1280) and a back sphere from the Xiaomi 360 cam (1728×1728) and the result looks similar to what this cam does……because of the big difference in quality between the front and back lens.
    So I’m no fan of this cam.