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Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere desktop PC app updated and FIXED!

PC app for Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere 360 camera
PC app for Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere 360 camera

A few days ago, Xiaomi posted the desktop app for the Xiaomi Mijia MI SPHERE 360 camera, but it wouldn’t work for most users. Now, Xiaomi has updated the app and it now works!

Just days after users complained about errors in running the desktop app, the Xiaomi Mijia MI SPHERE team led by Jason Wang identified the cause, namely the type of graphics card used.  In particular, NVidia or AMD graphics cards would cause errors, while Intel graphics cards would have no error.

The Mi Sphere team has solved the issue for NVidia cards (yes I tested it and it works).   Here is the new version of the app.  With this correction, they’ve made the workflow much easier for users with an Intel or NVidia graphics card!  They’re still working on solving the issue for AMD / Radeon graphics cards.

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  • +Mic Ty The PC software works very well with sooo good stitching!! I’m impressed! And very pleased! Just miss that last level of quality to get the crispy sharp look that the raw spherical video’s got…anyway…now, with the PC software running I’m even more satisfied with the decision to buy the Xiaomi!

  • Takes ages, stitching is great, at the highest point there is some circular distortion.
    Think I’ll be trying the adobe method too.

  • Love this site!!! Best up-to-date info! So I’ve tried the PC software on 3 different Win10 PCs an, AMD , NVidia , and an old no graphic card one. Unfortunately the program doesn’t do much. Installs properly, appears to start properly, but I cant even “open” or “browse files”, It allows me to find the files on the computer, but once I select one literally nothing happens. I Love the camera and “workarounds” are in my nature, but so far for me this software has no pulse.

    Hoping a 3rd update is in the works!!!

    • Hi Jason! Thanks and sorry for the belated reply. I will post a tutorial. But in the meantime, have you tried opening a folder instead of a file? Then allow it some time to “load local files.”
      Best regards,

  • Hi all,
    I tried the app and works perfectly for videos, but i cannot stitch pictures with it. When i load the folder where the pictures and videos are saved in the microsim, only videos can be exported for stitching. As i use a samsung galaxy s5 to export, it appears that pictures lose quality when stitched and downloaded through the mobile app. Can anyone confirm this? Anyone having the same issue? Thank you in advance

    • Hi Daniele. Photo stitching will be added later. I haven’t tried S5, but you could try downloading the 1.6.5 app. I know that can export at full reso. BR, Mic.

  • Hello, can you Connect two cameras together through the wifi to one smartphone? I hace one camera and a Xiaomi Mi6 and im thinking on buying a second for taking 3D 360 vídeos with them

  • Hi

    My PC is an HP Omen with Nvidia GTX 1070 Win 10. The video files are on my HDD. So far, the PC app is still useless. I updated to the latest version. but Browse files remains blank, Player mode plays a flat video, none of the player options (spherical…) seems to work.

    And on the Android app side,it’s not better, Of course, I don’t have a snapdragon 820 or above, and the my Sphere android app crashes on opening onto my ASUS ZenPad Z580C tablet, powered by intel, android 6. I tried the Play Store version as well as several versions of the apk you linked.

    Can I say I’m disappointed ?

    • Hi Sorry about that. Pls. post in Xiaomi Mi Sphere forum on facebook . There are lots of helpful folks there who may be help you troubleshoot the issue.

      Best regards,

    • Hi Uthai. I don’t know for sure. It is probably best to download the app to try it out. Pls. see the link in the article.

      Best regards,

    • Hi Stefano. I recommend you join the Mi Sphere Facebook group: and post a message there, then tag Jason Wang (you’ll see he’s one of the moderators). Thanks again!

  • Unfortunately, the problem with Nvidia video cards continues to be present (Mi sphere camera
    I have a laptop (low performance) with Intel video cards and I do not encounter any problems in video stitching (just long time to wait). With my “uber” desktop (nvidia video card) the software does not work .
    When will we be able to have a decent software to make videos in equirectangular?
    Anyway, what software do you use to make video stitching?

    • Hi Marco. In the new app, there is no photo export because when you view a photo, it already downloads it to your phone. I hope that helps! Best regards, Mic