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Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere update adds intervalometer, slow motion, and other features; here’s how to update the app or firmware

Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere 360 camera (c)
Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere 360 camera (c)

Xiaomi has released a major update to their app, adding important new features including an intervalometer! Here are the new features and a tutorial for updating the app or firmware. (updated with new info: August 10, 2017.  Added info re intervalometer, updating the firmware, and added a new discount code).

Xiaomi’s most recent app update (version 1.8) added several new features including:
– Intervalometer: among other things, this should enable you to take photos with a drone without using a remote control.
– Slow motion
– GPS tagging for photos and videos
– You can now use the volume buttons on your phone as the shutter
– EXIF data added to photos
– Screen recording feature
– Sharing to Weibo and VeeR.

NOTE: to get these features, you also need to update the firmware to version or later.

The intervalometer works even without the phone being connected, so yes this can be used with a drone.   After you start the interval shooting, you can turn off your phone’s Wi-Fi to disconnect the camera and the camera will continue shooting.  To stop the interval shooting, press the shutter button, or reconnect the camera to the app via Wi-Fi and press the shutter button on the app.  The intervals are: 5 secs, 10 secs, 30 secs, 1 min, 2 mins, and 5 mins.

These are among the features that have been requested by users, and it’s amazing how responsive Xiaomi’s Mi Sphere team has been!

Now here is a tutorial for installing a new firmware or app update.

1. Launch Mi Sphere app.  On the upper left corner is a person icon.  Tap on that.
2. On the next screen, if you see a red dot on the line for “More help,” that means there is an app or firmware update.  Tap on “More help”

3. On the next screen, you’ll see a red dot beside “App version” or “Firmware version” letting you know which one needs an update.  If it’s an app update, go to step 4.  If it’s a firmware update, go to step 5.  If there are updates for both, it’s usually better to update the app first before updating the firmware.


For iOS, updating the app is via the App Store.  For Google Play Store, sometimes the Google Play Store version is updated, and all you have to do is click on the update button.  The steps here are for cases where the Google Play Store version is not yet updated.

a. For app updates, tap on  the app version.  The app update will download. Go to step 4.b.

b. To update the app: Go to “My Files,” look for the Downloads folder, and you should see the downloaded file for the app update.  To update the app, tap on the file.  Your phone may warn you against installing from unknown sources.  Authorize unknown sources just for this time.  Then tap on Install.

That’s all there is to it for app updates.


Before updating your camera’s firmware, please be sure your camera and phone are FULLY CHARGED.  Otherwise your camera might get bricked.

a. For a firmware update, tap on the firmware version and click on “update” or “download update” to begin downloading the update.

b. When the firmware update has been downloaded, you will be asked to connect the camera to the app to install the firmware update.

c. To connect the camera to the app, go back to the app’s main screen and tap on the camera icon. Turn on your camera’s Wi-Fi by pressing the Wi-Fi button next to the power button.  On the app, tap on your camera and select it from the available Wi-Fi networks (you may need to wait 5 secs. or so before the camera’s Wi-Fi network shows up).  The default password is 12345678.

d. When the camera is connected to the app, you will see a new screen with a button to update the firmware.  Tap on “Update Now” to update the firmware.

Wait for the app to transfer the firmware to the camera, and for the camera to install the firmware.  While this is happening, do not switch apps on your phone, and do not turn off the camera or else it could get bricked.  The camera will automatically restart after installing the firmware.

That’s all there is to it for firmware updates.


Don’t forget that there’s an ongoing sale for Mi Sphere at GearBest.  Here’s the link.  Use the code XMACGJB to get the special price of $239.99.   Note: there is a limited quantity of units available at this price.  If the coupon has been used up or expired, try these other coupons.

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  • App did update via the play store V.
    Firmware: (no update available)

    Just finished clearing cache in app, and rebooting my phone (HTC U11).

    My Mijia is SUPER buggy at the moment, here’s what I’ve noticed:
    – Took some photos and videos, about 1/3 of them told me they were corrupted.
    – several app crashes (force close) when taking photos and videos, had to swipe away the app, then launch app/reconnect to camera to take another photo/video.
    – Photos: trying interval shooting gives me an error in viewfinder “too many operations, try again later”, will not take interval photos. Timer option works.
    – Videos: Slow-motion gives me “too many operations” error, cannot take slow-motion videos
    – Videos: Time-lapse video works.
    – Vidoes: shot video works, however, the slider will not let me ‘turn-off’. If I start a video from my phone, it follows the slider setting (even if the slider is not showing).

    I have options for

    • New firmware update downloaded this morning:

      All issues have been resolved! My app version was probably ahead of the firmware so I was getting these issues.

      – Photomode: timer, works as expected, however, I think the video time-lapse works better for me since I don’t really have/use software that will put the timelapse together into an animation/video (like for a sunset or something).

      – All functions work again so check your firmware!

      – I did get one corrupted file when taking a slo-mo video… this doesn’t inspire confidence as I’m heading to Dubai/Maldives for a vacation and bought the 360 camera for this trip. (I have a Samsung Pro + card in there:

      Good luck all!

  • Hello, is there a possibility to disconnect the microphone of the camera?
    How can i change the audio path in a video?

    thank you very much vor your help in advance

  • On App & FW everything works as expected (gyro stabilization on-off included)

    At last we have a proper software release from mijia/xiaomi that qualifies as the 1st stable release ever for mijia sphere and not beta-ware !!!

    I can now, finally, recommend this cam – considering its price range.

    Note: I suggest sticking to the original and not google play app version (by also enabling English as the default language in the app settings)