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Xiaomi Mijia 3.5k MI SPHERE 360 panoramic camera new discount codes! On sale for $199.99!!! (updated: October 17, 2017)

discount codes and best prices for Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere 360 camera and selfie stick
discount codes and best prices for Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere 360 camera and selfie stick

Here are the best prices for the Xiaomi Mijia MI SPHERE 360 camera (around $250 to $300), which is the best 360 photo camera I’ve found up to around $800 (not including panoramic heads) and the best 360 video camera I found for up to around $350. See my detailed review here.  For more information about the MI SPHERE, check out the most comprehensive wiki and resource page for the Xiaomi 360 camera hereFor a review of the selfie stick see here.

The Mijia 360 Camera is available from Gearbest, which ships to 260+ countries all over the world.  Here are Gearbest discount codes for the Xiaomi Mi Sphere and its selfie stick (note the discount codes can expire, and the price for the Xiaomi fluctuates on the Gearbest store).  Note also that sometimes the lower price doesn’t show up until you click on checkout.  I will keep this page updated with the latest coupons that I find.   Thanks for using this link to support 360 Rumors at no additional cost to you so I can do more tests and reviews.

BEST AVAILABLE PRICE (October 17, 2017): $199.99 – must use the code USBLOG5   If it is no longer available, use the links and discount codes below.

BEST PRICE FOR SELFIE STICK now in stock (October 17, 2017): $21.99 – flash sale.  No code needed.


9/23/2017 update: $229.99 flash sale – no coupon needed.

Domestic edition: $229.99 flash sale — no coupon needed.

MIJIAMT  Price: $232.99 (limited quantity at this price) -> use this link for the code to work.  Posted on August 25, 2017 (coupon might not be live yet — if not, try again Aug. 26)

Special 40% discount sale – just $139.99 no coupons needed!!!!  –> sorry, sale’s now over! Update: it wasn’t a sale — it was a PRICING ERROR but Gearbest still honored it!

ACMJIAIT  Price: $229.99 –> sold out (all coupons have been used).

It’s also on sale for $259.99 at Banggood.  However, I don’t have a relationship with Banggood yet, so if there’s a problem with the order, I won’t be able to do much for you.  I have an established relationship with Gearbest.  If you buy through my link, my Gearbest representative can try to help you because they value their relationship with 360 Rumors (please note, they can’t help if your camera was abused, e.g., swimming underwater without a case, or if it was dropped).

XMACGJB Price: $239.99 –> expired.

MIJIAYTB Price: $240.99


GBMIJIACA Price: $244.99


9dnyemqq , Price: $249.99

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  • hi … Thanks for the codes .. im planing to get another one ….
    but b4 I would like to know if there will be a desktop app soon .. other ways any other to process the images from xiaomi and ad a own logo ???

  • Jason Wang wrote to me and said as follows about PC requirements for the stitching software:
    “We’re using I7-6700@3.4GH,16G memory, SSD harddisk, Geforce 960 video card. From this configuration, we can get quick stitching and preview and playback. We used slower computers, the difference was on speed. The higher configuration, the faster stitching and view process. Hope it helps”.

  • hi,

    i bought this camera but i need to know what´s the best software to stiching the videos, and the process that you use.


  • I played around properly with my new Mi Sphere camera last night, after your advice about SD cards on YouTube, actually taking it outside to shoot in the sunlight. I’ve found that the gyro stabilized videos have noticeably lower quality in certain shooting conditions (especially in lower light & confined spaces) where they have quite a bit of unpleasant looking blurring, while the non stabilized videos look incredible for an all-in-one 360 camera! So I think I will stick to non stabilized mode except for situations where I know I won’t be able to keep the camera level.

    But this leads me to my question – at some point last night I became unable to export without the gyro enabled & now no matter what I do, the exported video viewed via the Android Photos app is always gyro stabilized? I am using a Google Pixel with the latest version of Android.

    I have tried shooting new videos, making sure the gyro option is disabled, then exported both the regular way via the preview & the second way via the edit method (thanks for explaining this in a previous post!), but they always come out gyro stabilized! If I tell the app to export a non gyro stabilized little planet video… it still gives me a gyro stabilized mirror ball video!

    I tried reinstalling the app, making sure to manually delete all of the folders that it makes as well, but it didn’t make a difference. I then tried installing a previous version of the app (, but I had the same problem. I then tried installing an even older version of the app ( from before the gyro stabilization option had been introduced, but it was unable to download the videos to the phone – perhaps it is not forward compatible with the newer firmware on the camera. I have also tried the factory reset option, but this didn’t help – I definitely think it is a bug with the app & not with the camera itself.

    Have you experienced this issue before? It is quite frustrating because I can shoot footage that looks amazing in the Mi Sphere app when previewed without the gyro, but when I export it so that I can use it elsewhere it forces the gyro on & it no longer looks as good. And I would quite like to play with little planet videos as well! Hopefully a future app update will fix this bug & the upcoming desktop software will make the whole process even easier, but in the meantime I am hoping to discover a fix that will let me keep using the camera.

    • Hi CJ! Congrats on getting the Xiaomi! You can disable stabilization in two ways: first, if you start your recording as soon as possible after powering on, then there will most likely be no stabilization. The second way is to install version 1.6.3 of the app, which has no stabilization when exporting. You can find it here:

      I also highly recommend joining the Facebook group I created for Mi Sphere:

      Best regards,

      • Thanks Mic!

        I actually found the group yesterday & then went through all of the versions of the app at the ez-team site until I found that 1.6.3 worked how I wanted. I am very impressed with the quality of the stitching – I have previously used a 6x GoPro 4 Black setup with Kolor Autopano & the footage from the Xiaomi actually looks better despite the lower resolution & only taking a fraction of the time to process (a few minutes on my phone instead of an entire day on my computer!) simply because there are less obvious stitching elements.

        I am now hoping for good weather tomorrow so I can fly the Xiaomi from a drone & experiment with stabilizing both via the gyro & via Mettle Skybox Studio (now free to all Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers).

        Keep up the great work on this site & your YouTube channel 🙂

  • yesterday there was another new app update pushed to android phones. New filters are now implemented but the same issue which appeared in all versions after 1.6.3 is still present. The photo and video quality is still really bad. So users have to decide if they want to go with good quality photos/videos (with app 1.6.3.xx) but without exif data or if they want correct exif data with bad image/video quality.

    Xiaomi please take care first of the real weak points in you software and after that add playing functions like filters…

      • Yesterday a new android app and firmware was deployed and the photo quality gets back to good conditions like it was on 1.6.3 version but they introduced now a new issue with the wifi. when you want to dowload a photo in 4 cases out of 5 the wifi shuts down in the camera and cancels the transfer.

        It is really annoying how they waste marketshare with such horrible software…

  • Sorry for being harsh to you BUT mijia mi sphere is not 3.5k camera as far as video is concerned … It is a 2.88k camera since (3456×1728)/(1920×1080)=2.88 …

    • Hi Nick. When they say 4K they are referring to the horizontal resolution which is 3840 (i.e., 3840 x 2160 or for 360 cameras 3840 x 1920 because of the 2:1 ratio). It is true that 4K is 4 times the resolution of FHD but no one is saying 3.5K is 3.5 times the resolution of FHD.

  • Thank you Mic would you please be kind to ad a link to the iOS Xiaomi mijia app and the new desktop application we do not read Chinese 🙂
    Regards Svendus