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Easy and free tutorial on how to edit 360 videos (with affordable software)

easy free tutorial for how to edit a 360 video
easy free tutorial for how to edit a 360 video

Do you want to learn how to edit 360 videos but maybe you haven’t learned yet because it looks too hard, or perhaps you were put off by the cost of popular but expensive subscription-based video editing software (cough cough)? In this easy and free 2-part tutorial, I will show you how to edit 360 videos even if you’ve never edited videos before.

Here is a very easy tutorial for editing a 360 video, even if you’ve never edited a video before (360 or otherwise). By the time you complete Part 1 and Part 2, you’ll be able to achieve all the effects shown in the introduction of the video.

There are many 360 video editing software, including a few that are free.  Free video editing software can handle most simple tasks such as a majority of the techniques shown in Part 1 of this tutorial.  Here are some free video editing software:

V360 – iOS, Android
Veer – iOS, Android
Collect 360 – Android
Virb Edit – Windows, Mac

But if you want to do the techniques in Part 2, you need to get full featured video editing software.  Some of them, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, can be expensive (Premiere requires a subscription of $20 per month).  One affordable software that is still quite capable is Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus 2018, which is the software I used for this tutorial (currently on sale here).  You can download a trial version for free so you can try these yourself.

Part 1 of the tutorial is here:

0:32 – Why use a 360 camera? Why should you edit a 360 video?
4:59 – How to adjust brightness, color, and color temperature without losing contrast
8:08 – How to add music and blend it with the original soundtrack, or replace the soundtrack.
10:34 – How to add fade in and fade out
14:55 – How to combine two or 360 videos or 360 photos to create a montage or slideshow
17:34 – How to add transitions

Part 2 covers advanced techniques such as tiny planet videos and the overcapture effect:

0:43 – How to level the horizon; why should you straighten the horizon? How to level the horizon automatically.
3:05 – How to stitch 360 videos using Magix’s built-in 360 video stitcher
7:40 – How to add titles, photos, and non-360 videos to a 360 video (picture in picture effect)
11:06 – How to create a tiny planet video or rabbit hole video
14:53 – How to transform tiny planet videos using keyframing
19:49 – How to create overcapture videos (reframed 360 videos) and why to use it

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If you don’t have a 360 camera yet, check out these stabilized 360 cameras:
Insta360 ONE (less than $250 with discount code). Discount code: GB11.11ConE. Also available on Amazon (without a discount).
– Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere (~$225): Discount codes here. Also available on Amazon (without a discount).
Ricoh Theta V ($399)
If you have a tight budget, check out how to choose 360 camera for under $150.

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  • Does video stabilization work with 360 videos on Magix? I am trying to find a simple, inexpensive way to both stabilize my 360 videos and fix the horizon.

    Cyberlink’s PowerDirector 16 can do 360 video stabilization, and it works very well. It only cost me ~$50. However, I cannot find any feature in that app to fix the horizion. Several clips of mine have tilted horizons.

    Magix Movie Editor is similarly priced, and you’ve shown it can easily fix the horizon. However, I can’t find any information on stabilization for shaky videos. I don’t want to use a horizon keyframe every second to manually stabilize.

    Can either of those inexpensive software editors do both stabilization and horizon reprojection? Or is the only solution to use both, first fixing the horizon in one then stabilizing in the other? I’m frustrated and surprised that PowerDirector can’t do a simple horizon fix.

    I have the Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere 360 camera, so my videos aren’t too shaky, but it often has a skewed horizon. I don’t always have the time to start the camera up on a stable, level ground to get the horizon set.

    Any suggestions? I suppose I could purchase both pieces of software and still only pay ~$100.

  • Hey, im useing a xiaomi mijia mi spherer camera and i use the Mi Spere camera app on my computer to stich the footage. Then i use Virb Edit to create videos.

    Here comes the tricky part ive started useing the Hyperframe wich has turned out great and works perfectly in the VirbEdit, the only issue is that as soon as i want to export the video it dosent give me the option to save it as a hyperframe video.
    So the videos just ends upp being saved as regular 360 videos without the hyperframe?…

    + that if i try to share thru VirbEdit in the upper right corner the software just crashes?

    If anyone has any tips on whats wrong with my VirbEdit i would be very thankfull for any help.

  • ivrpa300x250.jpg