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CES 2018: Kandao QooCam is a 360 and 3D stereo camera in one

Kandao Qoocam is a 360 and 3D camera
Kandao Qoocam is a 360 and 3D camera

Kandao announced the QooCam, described as a “Stereo & 360 Camera”. Kandao did not announce details or specifications, but said the camera would be shown at CES 2018 (Booth no. 64425, South Plaza). However, we can deduce some of its characteristics based on the photo:

From the photo, it appears that the Qoocam is a camera with three lenses, and can be used either as a 360 camera or as a 3D camera. It seems to have a unique swiveling body. When the camera is vertical, it uses two fisheye lenses on opposite sides to capture 360 images (presumably both photo and video). In 3D mode, the camera lenses can swivel to horizontal position to use two fisheye lenses on the same side. It appears that the third lens for 3D mode would be identical to the other two lenses, which raises the possibility that the 3D mode is hemispherical (not just ultra wide angle). Qoocam does not appear to be capable of 3D 360 capture (even though Kandao’s professional cameras are all 3D 360).

With its simple controls, the Qoocam appears to be for consumers.  Regarding the 3D capability of Qoocam, I think it shows promise.  I have the LucidCam hemispherical 3D camera and I enjoyed shooting with it.  Among other things, composition was much easier than with a 360 camera, and far easier than with a 3D 360 camera (which is even more challenging for composition).  I applaud Kandao for coming up with such an innovative design.  I hope to be able to test it at CES.

Thank you very much to Instar Films for bringing this to my attention!

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  • This reminds me of the TwoEyes VR camera that has four lenses – two on each side – for a 3D 360 capture (of sorts).

    And I say “of sorts” because twin fish-eye lenses do not fully capture the scene in 3D – only that which is directly in front of them…

  • Maybe it can do 3D 360° in the same way that I have been experimenting in creating full 360 in stereo with one Theta S – not just front and back, but to the sides as well.

    It would be a manual process for photos only, rotate it 90° taking four photos altogether. The lens close to the pole looks like it might be offset 3.25cm (half the distance of the two lenses/half the IPD).