360 Camera Deals

Here is the best price for Insta360 ONE, Insta360 Pro, and other Insta360 cameras — use these discount codes!


Insta360 ONE discount code
Insta360 ONE discount code

Have you had your eye on one of the Insta360 cameras but were waiting for a sale?   Great news — Insta360 has a special Christmas Sale on all of its cameras, with up to 20% discount with FREE shipping!

Insta360 Pro: regularly $3499, now $3359.
Insta360 ONE for iPhone (and Android next week): regularly $299, now $269 on Amazon with Prime shipping, also on GearBest or on Insta360 direct.
Insta360 Nano for iPhone: regularly $199, now $146 on Amazon.
Insta360 Air for Android: regularly $129, now $99 on Gearbest (Micro USB or USB Type C), Amazon, or Insta360 direct.

Also available:

Insta360 Android adapter, $29 (direct from Insta360)  Allows you to use the ONE with an Android phone.  Choose Micro USB or USB Type C.
Insta360 selfie stick (invisible when used with the ONE), $16 on Amazon.    Bluetooth package is currently out of stock.
Insta360 ONE waterproof housing, $49.  Out of stock on Amazon.

Bookmark this page because I’ll keep updating it with the best price and discount codes for Insta360 ONE and other Insta360 products.  If you haven’t seen it, here is my in-depth review and my review video of the Insta360 ONE:

And here is my tutorial for the Insta360 Pro: