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Madv Mini is a low cost smartphone 360 camera with 14mp photos

MADV Mini smartphone camera
MADV Mini smartphone camera

How would you like a low cost smartphone 360 camera that takes photos with as much resolution as a Ricoh Theta S? MADV Mini is a smartphone 360 camera for Android that can take photos at 5376 x 2688 resolution (14mp) and videos at 1920 x 960 at 30fps — in other words, a photo and video resolution identical to the Ricoh Theta S.  But MADV Mini is even more affordable than the Theta, at under $100 from Gearbest, and it’s made by the same team that created the renowned Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere and Madventure 360.

Here is an unboxing of the Madv Mini by Ben Claremont (along with an unboxing of the Rylo and the Yi 360 VR):

There are many similar looking smartphone 360 cameras, and most of them at this price level have mediocre quality.  But I’ve seen sample 360 photos from the Madv and they look good, especially considering the price.  However, they were shown to me confidentially, so I can’t share them.  I’ll try to get permission to share the photos.

Madv said they would also send me a Madv Mini for review, although I don’t know when I’ll receive it.  When I do, I’ll update this post with a review so please bookmark it!  In the meantime, if you want to get the Madv Mini, it’s available for preorder here.