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Samsung Gear 360 2017 now compatible with Google Street View app

2017 Samsung Gear 360 is the most affordable 4K 360 camera
2017 Samsung Gear 360 is the most affordable 4K 360 camera

Samsung issued a firmware update for the Samsung Gear 360 2017 that makes the Gear 360 2017 compatible with the Street View app.   A direct connection with the Street View app makes it easier to take photos for Street View using the Gear 360 2017.  It also enables phones that are not otherwise compatible with Gear 360 2017 to shoot and stitch photos (but not videos) with the Gear 360 2017.

How to update the firmware

1.  connect the Gear 360 2017 to the Gear 360 app.
2. Tap on Settings.
3. Tap on Firmware version.
4. Tap on Check for Updates.
5. It will tell you a new update is available and allow you to download it.
6.  When download is complete, click on Install.

How to use Gear 360 2017 with the Street View app

1. Turn on the camera and hold down the menu button.  When the Connection options appear, tap on menu button until you select Connect to Street View.  Press the camera’s shutter to select it.
2. On your smartphone, connect to the Wi Fi network called Gear 360(####).OSC and enter the password shown on your Gear 360’s LCD.
3. Launch Google Street View app and tap on the camera icon on the bottom right.  Select “Link external 360 camera”.  When the connection is successful, it will say “Connected to Gear 360”.
4. You can select Single mode or Interval mode.  In interval mode, photos will be linked automatically (geolocation must be enabled).  (There is also an HDR icon but the photos don’t seem any different from non-HDR photos.)

When you shoot a photo, a stitched photo will be sent to your phone, ready for upload to Street View.

Other 360 cameras that are directly compatible with the Street View app include:
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Ricoh Theta SC ($199; reviewed here)
Samsung Gear 360 (2016) ($70; reviewed here)
LG 360 Cam (around $100; reviewed here)

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