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Insta360 Studio tutorial (2018): convert 360 video into keyframed non-360 video with this FREE overcapture app for Windows or Mac — now you can SAVE projects!

Insta360 Studio tutorial: Convert 360 video into overcapture video
Insta360 Studio tutorial: Convert 360 video into overcapture video

Insta360 has finally updated Insta360 Studio to add the ability to save projects! Insta360 Studio is a free app for Windows and Mac, and has long been my favorite app for converting 360 videos into cropped / non-360 overcapture-style videos with keyframed camera movements, but it was handicapped by the inability to save projects. You had to finish your project in one sitting and you could not revise it in another session. But with the most recent update, you can now save projects in Insta360 Studio!  Here is a tutorial.

Why use Insta360 Studio?

Insta360 Studio can be used to convert a 360 video into a non-360 video where you as the creator can control the view and show the viewers the perspective that you intended.

There are other software for converting 360 video into non-360 video, such as the GoPro VR Reframe effect.  However, Insta360 Studio is intuitive, and can change perspectives (which many 360 video editors can’t do).  It’s also available for free, for both Windows and Mac, and is compatible with 360 videos from almost any 360 camera, so long as the video is in standard equirectangular format (the aspect ratio must also be 2:1), and the video resolution can be up to 4K.  Insta360 Studio is available as a free download here from

Insta360 Studio Tutorial

Here is a complete, detailed and updated tutorial for Insta360 Studio:


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  • Hi Mic, Xiaomi Mija files do not seem to be accepted by this programme. There’s sound but no video. Any ideas why this happens? Regards,

    • Hi Oliver. Xiaomi has two types of rendering. There is a checkbox for mp4. Try the other setting – it might work.
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