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Insta360 ONE X Raw stitching added to new Insta360 Studio Beta; plus other features

Insta360 One X Raw DNG stitching
Insta360 One X Raw DNG stitching

DNG Raw photos from Insta360 ONE X (reviewed here) can now be previewed and stitched in DNG format in Insta360 Studio Beta.  The update also added other new features Insta360 Studio Beta.

Insta360 ONE X is a new 3PV camera (i.e., a stabilized 360 camera) that captures videos at 5.7K or 4K 50fps or 3K 100fps.  It is also one of the few 360 cameras that can shoot in Raw format for maximum image quality.

Raw files record data from the sensor with very little processing, and when used with the right software, they can give much more flexibility for postprocessing.

There are other cameras that support Raw format such as the GoPro Fusion (reviewed here), but the One X uses the open standard Adobe DNG Raw format, and can stitch the Raw files in DNG format as well.

In addition to adding Raw support, Insta360 Studio Beta for One X also added the option for Direction Lock stabilization, and also now supports files from other Insta360 cameras such as the Insta360 One (reviewed here) and Insta360 Nano S (reviewed here).

In the meantime, see here for a comparison between the JPG and DNG Raw image quality from the One X.

Insta360 One X raw vs JPEG comparison
Insta360 One X raw vs JPEG comparison

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  • Is anyone here using the .apk Android app, latest version posted yesterday? That latest version, and all prior versions, basically fail connecting the app with the camera, even when there’s a solid, connected Wi-Fi signal. It ONLY works the first time connecting, when entering the password, and the whole product pairing fails to work with the Wi-Fi setting to AUTO as there’s no Bluetooth functionality yet.

    Currently the (unacceptable) solution is to constantly un-authenticate the Wi-Fi connection on the Android phone, and then tediously re-connect while re-entering the password.