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Adobe Premiere CC 2019: Avoid this mistake for 3D 180 / VR180 videos

Uploading VR180 at 5.7K resolution
Uploading VR180 at 5.7K resolution

Adobe Premiere CC 2019 is probably the best video editor for editing VR180 and 360 videos. However, I found out that as of March 2019, there are bugs that could lead to disastrous results.

Yesterday, I edited an Insta360 Evo VR180 video in Adobe Premiere. The rendered file was 5760 x 2880, h.264, 150mpbs VBR, equirectangular, stereo SBS 180 vertical, 180 horizontal.  When I uploaded it to Youtube, the video correctly appeared as a VR180 video, but YouTube would only show a resolution of up to 1440p.  Here is the previous video, capped at 1440p:

At first, I thought the processing was just delayed.  But after a while, it became clear that YouTube would never show it at its full resolution.  Because of the lower resolution, a lot of people hit the dislike button. After all, in the video I stated it was 5.7K and it was not.  It was an embarrassment.

I tried reuploading several times, changing bitrates, etc. Each time it would be limited to 1440p.  I suspected there was an issue with the metadata.  I tried running the Premiere-edited files through the Google VR180 metadata injector tool and uploaded it.   This time, YouTube recognized the file correctly as 5.7K / 2880p.

Here is the new version at 5.7K:

To be fair, other people have been able to upload VR180 at full 5.7K resolution from Premiere, using the exact same workflow.  And I assume Adobe will issue an update that will fix this problem.  For now, it is safer to run the video through the Google VR180 tool before uploading to YouTube.

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