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The Next GoPro Fusion is coming – it’s official!

The next GoPro Fusion is coming!
The next GoPro Fusion is coming!

GoPro has officially announced that the next GoPro Fusion is coming! Here’s the video:

GoPro made the announcement during its Q1 2019 earnings call during which CEO Nick Woodman disclosed that GoPro will launch a series of products in Q4 2019 at various price levels. Mr. Woodman specifically stated that this would include their next 360 camera.

Mr. Woodman has previously discussed some of the features of the next GoPro Fusion, which will focus on overcapture rather than 360, and will be designed for ease of use.

I believe that the next Fusion may have realtime stitching with stabilization, a feature that has never been seen before in a consumer 360 camera. I also believe that the Quik app will be modified to enable it to automatically choose perspectives from a 360 video, and may include 360 video transitions that are synchronized to music.

What do you think of the next GoPro Fusion? Let me know in the comments!

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  • One X disadvantages:

    I shoot lectures using both Fusion and One X. The Fusion always delivers consistent results. The One X on three successive video files did something different each time. The first shot the z axis wobbled between plus 1 and minus 2, the second shot the image panned around over two dozen times so I had to unscrew the 30 minute shot which took a couple of hours of keying, the third shot was rock steady and perfect, just like every tripod shot I get with the Fusion.

    This makes me want another Fusion for shooting lectures.

    The One X is excellent for all walking shots and even with the extended 3 meter stick which wobbles frightfully yields excellent results. It just doesn’t like tripods.

    I have had these issues with two Insta360 One Xs.

    Each camera has advantages and disadvantages so having both is best.