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Smooth optical flow stitching on Mi Sphere Converter now on iOS (updated)

If you want to get smoothest stitching on the Xiaomi Mi Sphere, I recommend MiSphere Converter, an app that was previously available only for Android but is now on iOS.

Mi Sphere Converter for iOS
Mi Sphere Converter for iOS

Xiaomi Mi Sphere (reviewed here) is one of the best 360 cameras for photos and virtual tours, and already has good stitching thanks to its very thin profile which minimizes parallax stitching error.  Mi Sphere Converter is a 3rd party app that improves the stitching quality even further in several ways:

1. Optical flow stitching
2. Correct color difference between two lenses.
3. Automatic horizon leveling.  You can also fine-tune the horizon level.

To use MiSphere Converter, you need to transfer the unstitched photos from the camera to your phone.  There are several ways to do this (see the Mi Sphere FAQ).  After the unstitched photos are in your phone, select them and “share” them to Mi Sphere Converter.  This will open the photos in Mi Sphere Converter.  From there you can calibrate the stitching (you need to do that only once for a camera), adjust the horizon, or choose how photos will be stitched.

You can get MiSphere Converter from iTunes or from the Google Play Store.

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  • I’ve been waiting for this for a long time…One problem though…How exactly do you import the unstitched photos to your iOS device to be stitched? The iOS photos app doesn’t recognize any photos to import from the camera when connected by usb cable. The MiSphere app won’t import the unstitched photos either.

    • Great question Daniel. You can try to use a micro sd card reader with a lightning connector, or upload the files to the cloud and download them to your phone, or use iTunes to transfer files to your phone. Those are some of the ways.

      • I was looking to avoid having to use any other middle man devices to transfer the files and just came up with a method to not only get the photos without any kind of adapter, but also a way to batch download them! I will email you the steps I took as it would make a great tutorial for iOS users.

  • Thanks Mic, didn’t know this was now on iOS!!
    Question: does it stitch photos that have been post-processed on the computer? I like to tweak colours / merge bracketed shots etc in photoshop first, will this then accept the files to stitch? If so it will make a great addition to my workflow. Also, does it add in the 360 specific file information, or does that still have to be injected afterwards?