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360 Camera Technique: Teleport effect made easy with 360 cameras

How to do Teleport effect with a 360 camera
How to do Teleport effect with a 360 camera

How would you like to do the teleport effect easily, as in the 2008 movie Jumper?  With a 360 camera, the teleport effect is easy to pull off.

The usual way to create the teleport effect is simply to take two videos of a subject and mask the subject, similar to cloning.  The tricky part is when you want to show camera movement.  In that case, you’ll need a motorized slider that can move exactly the same way for each shot.  However, with a 360 camera, you don’t need a motorized slider.  You can leave the camera stationary, and pan the video electronically.  Here’s a tutorial by Gaba VR (he used the Insta360 One X but you can do the same effect with any 360 camera):

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