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Is a 360 camera good for wedding videos? Wedding photographer tests the Insta360 One X

Is a 360 camera good for wedding videos?
Is a 360 camera good for wedding videos?

Are 360 cameras good for wedding videos? Professional wedding videographer Matt Johnson tested the Insta360 One X (reviewed here) and used it for overcapture footage at a wedding.  Here is his review and my comments.

I agree with Matt’s observations about image quality, i.e., that is similar to a GoPro or DJI drone from several years ago.  He found the video quality acceptable when used with a wide angle, but when zoomed in, he noted that the quality dropped significantly.  Matt found two uses for the Insta360 One X:

1. For getting BTS shots as he is using his main camera (01:12 of the video)

2. Bullet time shots (05:45 of the video).  Matt noted that you can’t reframe the bullet time shot.  That is true, but you can get a similar shot by shooting 3K 100fps instead of selecting bullet time.  Matt also noted that sometimes the video would not be stabilized.  This risk can be reduced by making sure that the One X is horizontal (one lens facing the sky, and the other lens facing the ground).

In one case, Matt used the Bullet Time for a low light shot, with a very noisy video as a result.  This is expected because the bullet time video is being shot at 100fps, forcing the camera to use a very short shutter speed, and consequently a high ISO.  Any small sensor camera shooting in low light would struggle as the One X did.

Matt concluded that the One X is useful for BTS shots, but for bullet time shots, he recommends renting it first.  I think Matt could have benefited from using the One X in many other ways that were not shown in the video.  To see some amazing shots you can get from the One X or other stabilized 360 cameras, check out this video.

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