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360 Ninja: free 360 video editor / tiny planet video software

360 Ninja: a free 360 video editor for Windows or Mac
360 Ninja: a free 360 video editor for Windows or Mac

Editing 360 videos will always get you more views and likes on social media.  Fortunately, editing 360 videos doesn’t always have to be difficult, nor does it always require expensive sofware.  360 Ninja is a new 360 video editor and it’s free.

Developer Emanuele Spatola is a software engineer and a 360 cameras enthusiast and a few months ago he was frustrated by the lack of good software for 360 video editing, so he decide to create one myself.

360 Ninja can be used for overcapture-style videos (using a 360 video as a non-360 video with panning and other effects) or for tiny planet videos.

Here’s a sample overcapture style 360 video montage made entirely with 360 Ninja:

360 Ninja is available for download here for Windows or Mac. 360Ninja can be used by itself, or can complement other 360 video editors such as Insta360 Studio (tutorial here) or Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus, or Adobe Premiere (with the free GoPro VR plugin).

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  • I downloaded the 360 ninja, but any file I try to open from my Mi Sphere (already sewn) application returns me: “the file you selected is not a valid video file”
    Detail: in Insta360 Studio this same file I can open!

  • Mic is there a website or user guide for this??

    I have downloaded and got it to work, but would be nice to see some features or how to’s

      • Its 2019, I think you probably no longer exist or perhaps just barely. If you get this, please know “he would think about it” is not even an option. I would have fired him on the spot.
        This software is less than beta. In essence, it sucks. Sorry… There are lots of web site development jobs that may be more appropriate for you guys. Putting out bad or non existent software with a – well maybe Ill consider telling you how to use it means I wont buy Anything on your site. And there will be no revisit.

    • Starts off great. Easy and cool editing. Grinds to a halt during export with a 4 minute video. My system is fairly robust, so it’s not my PC. I’d pay good money for this software if it worked.

  • Managed to export a 1 minute video and it took 40 minutes. Added another clip to it to take it to 1:15 and it gets 3/4 of the way through exporting after 50 minutes and just stops doing anything. Another minor bug is that whatever time I put in the animation start or end, it always takes 1 second off it.

    I love the abilities of the app, it’s just unusable if it can’t actually export the video at the end.

  • My desktop system is too lightweight and can’t handle Fusion Studio. Does this Ninja software stitch video and does it need beefy graphics card like Studio does?

    • Hey Chris it does not. All it does is allow you to create over capture style control over the all ready stitched video.
      It has no user guide but does work well.

  • I can see why it’s version is 0.1.4. It’s very much alpha-version software and a LONG way from prime time. Unintuitive and quirky interface makes it nearly useless at this stage. The dev may have some great ideas up his sleeve, but this is nowhere near useful or finished.

  • With a simple interface, this software makes you love it….I tried to contact the author to ask him if he can do a software update supporting short 8K videos, but unfortunately he didn’t answer me, even thought he read the message. I hope he does it soon. Mic do you know anyone who can modify it to support 8K? Thanks