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How to create an interactive 360 video GIF (with samples)!

How to create a 360 video GIF
How to create a 360 video GIF

You can now share interactive 360 videos as GIFs through Gfycat!

Here is a sample:

via Gfycat

I think this is an interesting variation on 360 videos, because normally you don’t get to have time to look around in a 360 video. But in this case, the video is being looped, so viewers are encouraged to look around, when they normally might not do so otherwise.

To create a 360 video GIF like this, just upload your video to Gfycat, and their servers will convert it to a GIF video loop.  The Gfycat link to the video can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and can also be downloaded as an equirectangular video (in GIF format of course), but it won’t be interactive unless viewed on Gfycat.

What do you think of this new way to share 360 videos?  Let me know in the comments!  Thank you very much to Jim Jensen (Google+ Photo Sphere Community) for bringing this to my attention!