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360 video tour of PyongYang in North Korea with the Ricoh Theta V; Theta V vs. Entaniya 280


360 video of North Korean city
360 video of North Korean city

Here is a 360 video tour of an urban area in North Korea, shot on the Ricoh Theta V by Singaporean photographer Aram Pan of DPRK360. Aram also gives us his thoughts on how the Theta V compares with the Entaniya 280 on a Yi 4K+ camera.

Aram Pan is a Singapore-based photographer who is famous for being one of the few people who have captured 360 videos of North Korea. In this video, Aram toured RyoMyong Street in Pyongyang while a guide explained the different sights along the street. For this video, Aram shot with the Theta V. Here is the video:

I also asked Aram how he likes the Theta V (reviewed here) compared to the Yi 4K+ with Entaniya 280 that he used for a previous video.

He said the main benefit of the Entaniya 280 is that there are no stitch lines to worry about, and you can be extremely close to the lens.  The Theta V is of course fully spherical with no blind spots.

In terms of image quality, he found that the Yi / Entaniya combination was more detailed and had better dynamic range.

On the other hand, the Theta V is pocketable, whereas the Entaniya is bulky, making the Theta V more practical for most people, especially consumers.

Another difference is the audio — he found that that Theta V audio is “superior” whereas the Yi 4K+ “has the worst audio of any action camera I’ve ever used,” which means you’ll most likely need an external audio recorder for it.

Thanks to Aram Pan of DPRK360 for sharing this video!

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