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360 Video Tour of the World’s Tallest Indoor Waterfall

Tallest Indoor Waterfall 360 video
Tallest Indoor Waterfall 360 video

Here’s a 360 video of the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, shot by Viajero360 with the GoPro Fusion (reviewed here).

After buying a 360 camera a couple of years ago and seeing that I can capture everything that is around me instead of just being stuck on one scene as with a traditional camera I have to say that I got hooked,  and develop an eagerness to learn more about it and video editing to improve my videos.  Currently I own a GoPro Fusion, which I believe it is a pretty good camera. They recently have gone down in price dramatically to almost half off from when I bought it a year ago. [Editor’s noteCheck the current price here].

I loved this technology so much that I decided to make a 360 travel channel so people are able to travel with me to different tourist attractions without leaving their home.

This current video is of the Cloud Forest in Singapore. Take a virtual 360 / VR tour with me as we go inside and go up the 35 meter, 114 feet, tall mountain that is covered with tropical vegetation and see the worlds tallest indoor waterfall.  The tropical vegetation changes from the top of the mountain to the bottom, mimicking how it would be at different altitudes.

Inside the temperature is kept at 23°C to 25°C or 73°F to 75°F. It is definitively nice to get away from the hot, humid weather outside as Singapore has a tropical weather with temperature ranging from 76°F to 90°F, or 24°C to 32°, and humidity remaining a virtually constant 100% throughout.

This attraction is separated into Ten different areas.  The Falls, Lost World, Cloud Walk, The Cavern, Waterfall View, Treetop Walk, Crystal Mountain, Cloud Forest Gallery, Cloud Forest Theater, and Secret Garden.  We will start in front of the waterfall and from there we will head to the top and begin our descent from there on the ramps that wind down, visiting each of the location.  Route is one way, however, you can get a stamp at the end as you are leaving if you would like to enter the attraction again.

As of May 2019 admission for adults is S $28 and children is S $15 (or $20 and $11 respectively).  Opening hours are from 9am until 9pm daily with last admission at 8pm.  Peak times are from 4pm to 7pm so I recommend trying to get here early to avoid long wait times to get in.

The best way to get there is via the Circle Line Or Downtown Line.  Get off at Bayfront Station, and from there take Exit B and follow the underground linkway.  After you exit cross the Dragonfly Bridge into Gardens by the Bay.  From there it is just a short walk to the Cloud forest.

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