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3D “Magic” plus 7 updates and new accessories for Vecnos IQUI ultraslim 360 camera

6 new updates for IQUI Vecnos ultraslim 360 camera
6 new updates for IQUI Vecnos ultraslim 360 camera

How would you like to add magical effects to your 360 photos automatically?  An update to the Vecnos IQUI 360 camera has added new effects including animated 3D sparkles, which it can add to your 360 photos automatically.  Vecnos calls the effect “Magic.” Here’s a demo, and 8 IQUI updates and new accessories.

Vecnos IQUI slim 360 camera
Vecnos IQUI slim 360 camera

Vecnos’ pen-like IQUI is one of the slimmest 360 cameras, designed by the designer of the Ricoh Theta.  It captures 360 photos automatically, with no stitching needed.   Here are 8 new updates for Vecnos IQUI:

  1. Magic effect

Magic is a new effect in the IQUI app that uses AI to analyze your 360 photo, then it can animate your 360 photo to highlight the different people in it.  In addition, the effect adds 3D sparkles to the animated video.

2. Beauty effect

The IQUI app now also has an AI-powered beauty filter, which can not only make skin look smoother but can also alter the facial proportions of the subject.

  1. SphereFlow
    SphereFlow is an exciting new way to browse through 360 photos. It shows an elongated thumbnail that shows the full 360 degree view of the photo.  Users can then swipe through the thumbnail.  As they do, the image in the main window rotates and transitions over to the next image.

  1. Sparkling Planet and other effects

IQUI has also recently added several new 3D effects including “Sparkling Planet,” Gossamer Butterfly” and other effects.

  1. Animated 360 photos with multiple angles

The IQUI app can turn your 360 photos into animated videos that you can share on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook or other social media. You can even customize the views shown in the animation.

  1. New tripod adapter

IQUI was designed to be used handheld.  But now you can also use it with a tripod or monopod to capture a greater variety of shots, with a new tripod adapter.  The tripod adapter has a metal 1/4-20 tripod hole to enable you to mount the IQUI on almost any monopod or tripod.

New Vecnos tripod adapter
New Vecnos tripod adapter
  1. New lens cover

Another new accessory is a lens cover.  360 cameras such as the IQUI use very wide angle lenses, which tend to show scratches more easily.  To avoid scratching your IQUI, you can use the new lens cover.   Interestingly enough, they chose to make the lens cover translucent white, resembling latex.

Vecnos lens cover
Vecnos lens cover
  1. New camera colors
    Finally, IQUI is now available in several new pastel colors: gold, pink, green, gray.


Vecnos IQUI is $299 and is available on Amazon.  To get the latest news, reviews, tutorials on 360 cameras, VR and FPV, subscribe for free here.