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4k 360 livestream from anywhere with ALLie Go Battery Pack for ALLie Home camera

You can do a 4k 360 livestream from anywhere with the ALLie Home camera and newly-announced ALLie Go battery pack.  Hit the jump for details.  Plus: a discount code for $100 off and free shipping for the ALLie Home!

A few months ago, I posted that ALLie is interested in expanding the use of the ALLie Home to outdoors, and may be working on a standalone camera.  It turns out that they are actually releasing a battery pack to enable the ALLie Home to be used outdoors.

The ALLie Go battery pack simply attaches to the bottom of the ALLie Home to provide up to 2 hours of usage.  With the ALLie Go battery pack, it is possible to livestream anywhere (you’ll need a Wi-Fi connection such as through your phone) up to ALLie Home’s 4k resolution (4096 x 2048 @ 20fps).

Here are some sample outdoor livestreams from ALLie:

The battery pack will be available mid-October for $59.95 and is compatible with all ALLie models.

If you’re interested in an ALLie Home camera, try this code to get $100 off and free shipping: DaylightOnly.  The code is only for a limited time and I don’t know when it will expire.  Please note it’s for the version of ALLie that doesn’t have night vision.

Here is the official announcement.