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Ricoh Theta V sample video, top 10 features, and 4K comparison vs. original Samsung Gear 360 vs. 2017 Samsung Gear 360 vs. Nikon Keymission 360

Ricoh Theta V: sample video, top 10 features and 4K video comparison
Ricoh Theta V: sample video, top 10 features and 4K video comparison

Over the weekend, I tested the Ricoh Theta V, the biggest update to the most popular 360 camera in the market.  Here is a video about its top 10 features and a brief comparison against other popular 4K 360 cameras.  BTW the video was shot entirely with the Theta V in various lighting conditions – outdoors, indoors, backlit, low light, etc.

This past weekend, if you were wondering why I hadn’t posted much, it’s because I was very busy testing the Theta V and creating this video.  I took it to a classic car exhibit and shot a few photos, but mostly I wanted to know about the video quality.

To be honest, I was surprised and impressed by the Theta V’s video quality.  So far, it is ahead of other 4K cameras I tested – the 2017 Gear 360, original Gear 360, and Nikon Keymission 360.  I will post another more comprehensive comparison that includes the Insta360 ONE, Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere, Garmin Virb 360, Yi 360 VR, Orbit360, and other 360 cameras.  In the meantime, to get a closer look at the comparison videos or to see again the list of top 10 features, check out my guest post at Ricoh Theta Unofficial Guide, the best resource and community for Ricoh Theta developers and power users.  Thanks to the Unofficial Guide for loaning me the Theta V (yes I ordered one as well) and for sponsoring this video!


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