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6 Tips for Creating Real Estate Virtual Tours with a 360 camera

6 Tips for Creating Real Estate Virtual Tours with a 360 camera

This is my ultimate free tutorial on 360 property photography for Real Estate part 3, on how to create virtual reality tours for Real Estate using “One Click” cameras, not DSLR.

In this part 3 of this series of 4 videos, I will give you the best advise and tricks on how to shoot and create Virtual Tours for Real Estate using Virtual Tours Creator. The series includes:

– tripod set up
– stitch line and camera positioning
– exposure settings
– lighting
– hallway photography
– kitchen, bedroom, living, outside house photography
– obstacle avoidance
– proper hot spots placement in virtual tours
– windows and mirrors in vr

Please comment if you have any questions. We don’t say we know it all but we definitely know A LOT !!!

Please remember the advice I provide is based on creating the tours in the free Virtual Tours Creator software, so some tips may not apply to other 360 providers.

Have fun watching and please, share, like and comment if you like it !

Thank you,
Founder, Virtual Tours Creator.

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