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72mp fully spherical 360 photos with your GoPro with Zifon iGo panoramic head

Zifon iGO panoramic head for GoPro
Zifon iGO panoramic head for GoPro

ZIFON iGo is a new panoramic tripod head for GoPro Hero 3, 4, 5 or 6. It requires 12 shots, and the resulting stitched photo will have a resolution of 72mp.

360 cameras are convenient for capturing 360 photos.  However, their resolution is usually not very high, and they are often susceptible to varying degrees of parallax stitching error.

By contrast, traditional panoramic photography with a panoramic tripod head enables high resolution 360 photos with no parallax stitching error.  However, panoramic heads for DSLRs and mirrorless cameras are usually kind of pricey and some can cost a few hundred dollars.  They also take some technical knowledge to use.

One compromise is to use a panoramic head for GoPro.  Because the panoramic head is specifically designed for GoPro, it has already been positioned to shoot from the nodal point, i.e., the no-parallax point of the GoPro’s lens.  One new panoramic head for GoPro is the Zifon iGO.

Here is a tutorial:

Here is a sample photo taken with the iGO:

Zifon iGo gopro panohead
Zifon iGo gopro panohead
iGO sample 360 photo (equirectangular projection)
iGO sample 360 photo (equirectangular projection)

You can see that there is no stitching error even if the food are very near the camera.

You can get iGo here for $39.90.  If you don’t have a GoPro yet, you can get one here:
GoPro Hero 6 Black $499
GoPro Hero 5 Black $369 (basic packaging)
GoPro Hero 4 Black $329
GoPro Hero 3+ Silver around $289

iGo competes with Panohero H5B and Pano5+1 mk II panoramic heads for GoPro, both of which take 65mp 360 photos with 8 shots.  Panohero Classic is another GoPro panoramic head and takes 72mp 360 photos with 6 shots.

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