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900FPS SUPER SLOW MOTION: Insta360 One R app update adds amazing Freeze Frame effect, Flash Dash and other features

Insta360 One R Freeze Frame sample and tutorial
Insta360 One R Freeze Frame sample and tutorial

How would you like an incredible time-stopping effect, or a hyperlapse with animated lightning? The Insta360 One R app added Freeze Frame, Flash Dash and other features. Here’s how they work.

Insta360 One R (reviewed here) is the gift that keeps on giving with one amazing update after another.  Most recently, we saw the Clone Trail effect.  Now here’s a new super slowmo effect you can do right on your phone!

Freeze Frame: When you apply this effect to a highlight of your video, it will appear to stop time for a few seconds. But rather than a simple frame hold or pausing effect, the One R app makes it a super slow motion moment.  From my tests it is as slow as 900 fps or even up to 2,400fps (for a 10-second Freeze Frame).  The amazing thing is that at up to 5 seconds (900 fps equivalent), it can look very smooth, with few artifacts.  Moreover, you will be able to keyframe camera movements during this extended moment as well (yes I’ve tried keyframing, also with very few interpolation artifacts).

This effect can be used for any of the modules, although of course the keyframing can only be used with the 360 mod.  Please note that when the video is rendered on your phone, it defaults to 1080p resolution.  If you want it to export at a higher resolution, choose Custom and then either 4K UHD or specify your preferred resolution.

Insta360 One R Flash Dash is a hyperlapse with animated lightning and sound effects
Insta360 One R Flash Dash is a hyperlapse with animated lightning and sound effects

Flash Dash: Flash Dash is a new Shot Lab effect that is like a hyperlapse but with animated lightning effects inspired by Pikachu. I know a certain Pokemon fan in Australia is going to love this effect…  🙂

Can Freeze Frame be combined with Flash Dash?  I tried it and it kind of works, but you will the edges of the frame warp very noticeably during the Freeze Frame.  Instead, I found it more effective to create a montage.  You can apply Flash Dash to part of the video, and Freeze Frame to another part of the video and then combine the two videos using the My Story feature in the app.

Streamlined editing interface: The editing interface has been updated to require fewer steps. Now there is no need to tap on “Edit,” as the Edit options have been moved to the same level as the other controls. There are now also labels for the icons.

To get these updates, just update your app to the latest version. The updated iOS app is now available, with the Android version to follow soon.

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