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360 Rumors is the most comprehensive website about 360 cameras, with over 1,700+ news, reviews, and tutorials as of October 2017.    There are many sites that attempt to review 360 cameras but 360 cameras are quite different from conventional cameras, requiring specific expertise in them.  In addition to my experience as a photographer since 2007, I have been shooting 360 cameras exclusively since May 2015, and I personally own more than twenty-five 360 cameras as of October 2017.   I am experienced in shooting 360 in all forms, including tiny planet, spherical, reframed 16:9 video, and 3D, and including both photos and videos.  Because of my experience, 360 Rumors is known for its trustworthy, detailed, hands-on reviews of cameras and accessories based on actual use in the field (not just armchair reviews).

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