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Adapa360 Hawk21 is an invisible 8K 360 camera drone (see sample 360 videos – UPDATED)

Adapa360 Hawk21 is an 8K 360 camera drone
Adapa360 Hawk21 is an 8K 360 camera drone

Adapa360’s Hawk21 V1.3 is a 360 camera drone that can capture 8K 360 videos.  They also recently another prototype called Hawk21 Live 4K, which has optional 4K live streaming capability. Here are videos of the Hawk21 in flight and sample 360 videos.

Hawk21 Prototype 1.3 Features and Specifications

Number of motors: 8
Motor type: 2004 2100kv
Propeller size: 4.5 inches
Battery: 6S 2700mah
Weight: 1146 grams (all-up weight).  Octocopter: 550 grams.  Battery: 370 grams.  Qoocam 8K: 226 grams.
Radio: Crossfire
VTX: DJI Air Unit
FPV Camera: DJI camera
360 camera: Kandao Qoocam 8K
Price: TBD, estimated to be €1849 excluding the Qoocam 8K.

The Hawk21 is one of the few 360 camera drones that will have GPS and will have at least altitude hold, if not position hold.  (Another one is the Mavic Pro with One R Aerial Mod.)  Altitude hold would make it almost as easy to fly as a DJI Mavic, for example, as opposed to a freestyle FPV quad that can take a few months to learn. UPDATE: Confirmed. Adapa360 has now shown a prototype that has position hold.

The original version of the Hawk21 featured ducts:

Adapa360 Hawk21 version 1.0
Adapa360 Hawk21 version 1.0

The newer version has no ducts and appears to be a little smaller.  Here is a video of the Hawk21 prototype 1.3 being tested in Japan:

Here’s an older video of the Hawk21 prototype 1.0

Hawk21 Live 4K

The Hawk21 Live 4K is another version of the Hawk21 with optional 4K live streaming.  It appears to be using a Runcam Micro Swift 2 camera, which seems to mean that the new prototype has an analog VTX.

In addition to being able to live stream from indoors via Wi-Fi, the Hawk21 Live 4K is also capable of live streaming even outdoors using a mobile cellular network signal.  I’m surprised that they were able to find a way to add live streaming because Wi-Fi can interfere with an FPV video signal, many of which have similar frequencies as Wi-Fi (5.8ghz and 2.4ghz).

The Hawk21 is also equipped with beacons that enable it to have position hold indoors where GPS signals would normally be blocked.

Here is a video of the Hawk21 Live 4K

Sample 360 Videos:

Here are several 8K sample 360 videos shot with the Qoocam 8K and the Hawk21.

The Hawk21 seems to have better stitching than other 360 camera drones that use the Insta360 One R.  This is probably because the Qoocam 8K is slimmer than the One R and has less parallax stitching error.   On the other hand, the StanFPV CineBird 360 camera drone can use the GoPro MAX, which has similar thickness and stitching that is arguably as good, for a much lower price.

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  • Enjoying the 360 drone articles Mic – keep up the good work!
    You should follow Andrii Shramko on YouTube as he is also building a Qoocam 8K drone as well as other mad professor style immersive filmmaking equipment.