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Adobe Premiere Pro 360 VR tutorial #2: how to guide the viewer by controlling heading and orientation

360 videos give the viewer total freedom to look around, but sometimes viewers can get “lost” and not know where to look.  In this tutorial for Adobe Premiere Pro, we will learn to guide the viewer’s attention by controlling the heading and orientation dynamically as the video plays.  This technique can also be used to fix “drifting” in Xiaomi Mi Sphere and other gyro-stabilized 360 cameras or even gimbals.

The subject in the middle of an equirectangular 360 video will be the initial heading of a 360 video. As you know, you can change that heading using the “Offset” effect in Adobe Premiere Pro.  However, you can also change that heading dynamically in the middle of the video by using keyframes.

The same technique can be applied to fix drifting issues (if any) in stabilized 360 cameras or gimbals (when not correctly calibrated).  Indeed, this technique can also be used to apply a very basic form of image stabilization to non-stabilized 360 cameras.

Here is the video tutorial (it’s a playlist so you can see other videos on the playlist):

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