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Aerial 360 video with “invisible” Mavic Pro drone

Aerial 360 video with invisible drone
Aerial 360 video with invisible drone

Check out this aerial 360 video by Jean-Marie Cannie that uses two 2017 Samsung Gear 360 cameras to make the drone invisible!

Last week I posted about Jean-Marie Cannie’s dual 360 camera mount for the DJI Mavic Pro, which puts the Mavic in between the two cameras, allowing it to be masked out.

Here is a new video based on two 2017 Samsung Gear 360 cameras:

I’ve ordered Jean-Marie’s dual mount (you can order it here) and will be testing it on my Mavic using two Xiaomi Mi Sphere cameras with image stabilization.  I’m hoping the stabilization will remain synchronized…. we’ll see!  If it doesn’t work, my backup plan is to get another 2016 Gear 360, which is now very affordable (available from Amazon or B&H Photo).

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