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Affordable Oculus Quest case is a perfect fit

Oculus Quest case is a perfect fit
This Oculus Quest case is a perfect fit

If you’re looking for a case for your new Oculus Quest (reviewed here), check out this third party case.  It’s more affordable than Oculus’ case and is almost a perfect fit.

Oculus Quest is the popular new 6DOF standalone VR headset with no external sensors required.  To ensure your Quest’s lenses and four cameras aren’t damaged, you should always store it in a protective case when not being used.

Oculus does have an original case for the Quest, but it’s a bit pricey at $40. You can instead get this third party case designed for Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR but which also fits the Oculus Quest.  The fit is nearly perfect and does not require a particular way of storing the controllers. Once in the case, the controllers don’t seem to jostle around.

There is also a pocket that can be used to keep extra batteries or earbuds.  In my case, I also use it to store my anaglyph glasses which I use for viewing/editing 3D on Premiere.

The only slight drawback of this case is that because of the snug fit, I had to push the straps in a bit before placing the headset into the case.  It also does not have a shoulder strap or backpack strap.

I recommend using the cardboard insert cover that came with the Quest to protect your lenses from being scratched by the controllers.

I got my case from Amazon (currently $16).  BTW there are other similar-looking cases but I don’t know if they will fit as well as this does.

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  • Nice find Mic! Funnily enough I measured my Quest the other night to see the smallest size case I could get that would still fit it and the touch controllers nicely… my measurements are almost exactly like this case. Going to grab one now.

  • Funny – I have an oculus GO and had this case.. Then was looking for a case for my Quest. I just assume it was bigger..

    Nope.. Fit perfect.

  • Thanks for the review. I own this case and didn’t realize I could use it. Mainly I was worried about the controller placement. Wouldn’t they potentially scratch the lenses if positioned like the image shows?

    • thanks Rey. Yes they mighth be scratched which is why I recommend using the cardboard insert to cover the lens, or any piece of cardboard

    • I bought the case after reading this review. I threw away the cardboard but I bought extra large micro fiber cloth to stuff into the headset. Great case.