AMAZING FPV deal: Digital HD cinewhoop for $100?!?

$100 digital HD cinewhoop FPV
$100 digital HD cinewhoop FPV

How would you like to get a digital FPV quad for as little as $103 (after all discounts)?  And it is also reportedly one of the best 2.5-inch digital cinewhoops ever. Here’s how (yes, there is a small catch).

Holybro Kopis HD is reportedly one of the best 2.5-inch cinewhoops.  I haven’t tested it yet, but Justin Davis (Drone Camps RC) has tested hundreds of quads and as of July 2021, he said it was the best 2.5-inch cinewhoop — even better than GepRC Cinelog25 (which is one of my two current primary cinewhoops).

Holybro Kopis is normally $305
Holybro Kopis is normally $305

It so happens that there’s an amazing, almost impossible sale on Holybro Kopis at Racedayquads.  The digital version is normally around $305.  But with this sale, you can get it for around $103 plus taxes (free shipping), which is shockingly cheap for any digital cinewhoop, never mind one that is supposedly one of the best ever made.

Clearance sale is $193
Clearance sale is $193

The price shown is $305, reduced to $272 but when you add it to your cart and go to the checkout, you’ll see the clearance price is $193.  I thought that was the entire discount.  But the next day, I also got a $90 gift card by email!  So, factoring in the gift card, the net price is effectively $103 (plus taxes).  This is absurdly low even for a 2.5-inch analog.  For a digital quad, it’s unreal.  For a best-in-class quad, it leaves me speechless.   And yes, it’s a $90 gift card and not a $90 discount but if you’re new to FPV, Racedayquads is one of the largest and most popular FPV online stores, so for FPV pilots, that $90 RDQ card is about as good as cash.

You'll also get a $90 gift card
You’ll also get a $90 gift card the following day via email.

What’s the catch? Where to buy?

There are minor caveats:

  • This is the version with Caddx Nebula Nano, which is the least-liked camera for Caddx Vista / DJI digital FPV because of the lower image quality and it’s fixed at 16:9 and doesn’t have low latency mode.  There is a newer version of the Kopis with the Caddx Polar camera, which is much clearer and is amazing in low light.  But for the crazy low price, you can easily get the Polar or even a DJI camera (which is back in stock).
  • There is no receiver.  If this is like other digital quads, then it should work with the DJI FPV controller (the one that looks like a Phantom 3 controller). Alternatively, you can install your own preferred receiver.  Personally, I do have a DJI controller but I plan to install ExpressLRS 2.4.
  • Because this is digital, you’ll need DJI goggles v1 or v2.  There is no equivalent sale for the analog version of the Kopis.

I don’t notice any other issues with this deal.  It is so good that I decided to get a second one (so now I will have two Kopis HDs in addition to my other 2.5 inch quads – GepRC Cinelog 25, Beta95X v3 HD, and iFlight Protek).  Here is the deal.

Incidentally, they also have a sale on Lipo batteries.  The 4S 650mah and 850mah would be great for this quad and the sale prices are also very low (around 33% less than normal).  You can include them in your purchase to get free shipping with the batteries.  I fly slow and I prefer the 850mah.  If you want to fly fast, use the 650mah.

I’m really looking forward to trying out the Kopis.  I hope it’s as good as Justin says it is.  Here is his review below.  Meanwhile when I get it, I will definitely post a review.

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