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Amazing low light sample in 360 video ad with Z Cam S1 Pro, a 360 camera with Micro Four Thirds sensors

Mountain Dew posted a 360 promo video which used the Z Cam S1 Pro, Z Cam’s 360 camera with Micro Four Thirds sensors, for a low light scene.

The Z Cam S1 is a 6k 360 camera with impressive image quality.  The S1 was well received but Z Cam is already working on the S1 Pro, a higher-end 360 camera with Micro Four Thirds sensors and iZugar lenses.  Because the S1 Pro has larger sensors and larger lenses, it has even higher image quality than the well-regarded S1.

Z Cam S1 Pro, photo posted by Kinson Loo

Here is a new sample from the Z Cam S1 Pro.  This time, it is part of a Mountain Dew promotional video by Ryan Whitehead of Digital Domain.  The first part of the video is a low light scene in a bar.  The Z Cam S1 Pro did a very good job of handling the low light, with detailed, well saturated, noise-free video.

Here is the video:

Z Cam hasn’t said when the S1 Pro will be available, but it might be crowdfunded on Indiegogo, just like the Z Cam S1.  Here is Z Cam’s official website (which doesn’t mention the S1 Pro yet).