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Amazon Prime Day 2016: VR / 360 deals

Amazon’s Prime Day is here!  Prime members get access to amazing deals on hundreds of products.  Here are some that I think would appeal to those interested in VR / 360:

1.  SanDisk Ultra MicroSD 64GB ($14.99; regularly around $20)

Many 360-degree cameras use Micro SD cards, and Amazon has several Micro SD cards on sale for Prime Day.  One of them is the SanDisk Ultra 64GB, which I’ve used in my Samsung Gear 360.

2.  Sandisk SSD Plus 480GB ($93; regularly $149)

A solid-state drive (SSD) can boost the performance of your PC considerably, making it faster to edit 360 videos.  There are several on sale for Prime Day.  Most of them seem to use triple-layer cell (TLC) commonly found in budget SSD drives.  However, the SanDisk SSD Plus is an SSD with multi-layer cell (MLC), which is generally faster and longer-lasting than TLC.

3. ViewMaster VR Starter Pack ($12.59; regularly around $16.70)

This is an updated version of the classic Viewmaster toy.  With Google Cardboard technology, the new ViewMaster VR shows 360-degree photos.  The ViewMaster VR can also be used as a Google Cardboard viewer.

4. Samsung Gear VR with Level U Pro ($129.99; regularly $151.07)

This is a bundle that includes the Samsung Gear VR (reviewed here) and the Samsung Level U Pro headphones with microphones.  TBH the Gear VR is easily available on eBay for much less, so this would only make sense if you wanted the Level U Pro headphones.

5.  3DR Solo Quadcopter with gimbal ($599; regularly around $800)

The 3DR Solo can be paired with the Kodak SP360 4k Aerial Pack to provide aerial 360 videos without the drone in the shot!  Note: this order will ship in 1 to 2 months.

If you spot any other good Prime Day deals for VR / 360, please share it in the comments!

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