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An experienced panorama professional’s view of the Ricoh Theta S

Henrik Fessler has been taking panoramic photos for six years.  The fact that the Ricoh Theta S captures fully spherical photos (and videos) at a touch of a button amazes him.

In his article, Henrik explains the laborious process that he had been using to capture panoramas.  The technically demanding process meant that only a few photographers could execute it properly.

Now with the Ricoh Theta S, literally anyone can capture a fully spherical panoramas.  In fact, the Theta can also do 360 videos.  What does Herr Fessler think about it?

When looking at the 1:1 detail view, I can see lots of small image errors (Chromatic aberrations, image seams -especially when taking close up images-), let alone having missing capabilities to get the hands at the raw file (you only get a jpg out of this cam) or near to none possibilities to create a high quality HDR image.

But if you’re willing to let go of some high image quality standards, you can still quickly get images with low to average quality and low resolution (5376 x 2688 ~ 15 Megapixels ), that can be improved with some post processing … and still, they appeal to me!

HERE is his blogpost.  Check it out!