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Apple Special Event 2018: 360-related highlights

Apple Gather Round event
Apple Gather Round event

Apple held its annual special event today.  There were a few things that have an indirect impact on the 360 industry.

Here was the live stream:

Here are the highlights of the special event that have some impact on the 360 industry:

1. Apple demonstrated AR games on the iPhone XS with the new A12 Bionic processor. The games look impressive.  For example they have an AR version of Galaga where the alien ships are flying around you and you move your phone around to aim and shoot at them.    Not sure which iPhones can use the new games.

GIF c/o VRScout:

2. iPhone XS has dynamic depth of field, i.e., it can simulate a change in the depth of field.  This could impact sales of Kandao Qoocam, which has a refocusing capability as one of its key features.  The XS will be available for $999, while the XS Max will be $1099.

3. iPhone XR is a new iPhone that has only one lens but as with the XS, it also has dynamic depth of field.  It will be available for $749.

4. iOS 12 will be rolled out with AR and other features on September 19.  iOS 12 will be compatible with iPhone 5S and above, iPad Air and above, and iPad mini 2 and above.

What is most interesting to me about the event is the emphasis on AR.  I’m wondering whether users who experience AR might also become interested in capturing their photos and videos with a similar “magic window effect” with a 360 camera.  What do you think?  Would AR have a positive, negative, or neutral effect on the 360 industry?  Let me know in the comments!