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Are virtual tours worth it? Here’s the answer from over 125,000 home sales (Immersive Talks Episode 1)

Are virtual tours worth it? Data from over 125,000 home sales
Are virtual tours worth it? Data from over 125,000 home sales

Do virtual tours help to sell real estate more quickly?  To answer that question, Ph.D. candidate Kelley Anderson reviewed the data for over 125,000 residential property sales.   Here are the results of her research in a free webinar.

The pandemic made it much more difficult for real estate agents to meet their clients on walkthroughs.  Many agents turned to virtual tours, which skyrocketed in popularity in 2020.  But are virtual tours really worth it?  Do they really help homes sell faster?  Many real estate agents and photographers believe so but they don’t have hard data to support their conclusion.

Kelley Anderson, a Marketing Ph. D. candidate from Texas Tech, analyzed the data from over 125,000 residential real estate sales across three markets in the United States.  She presented the results of her research in a hosted by Vineet Devaiah from Teliportme.

The data could be useful for both real estate agents and photographers.  For real estate agents who know how to add virtual tours to their listing, the research here can give them a competitive advantage over agents who do not use virtual tours.  For photographers who are trying to educate potential clients, the research here could help quantify the benefits of having a virtual tour.

Here’s a replay, and if you enjoyed this presentation, check out the other interviews in this series:

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  • In my country, if You want to do photography business (which include real estate photography) You have to have a degree in photography that means a two year school starting this year, no exeption. I really envious of You guys.

    • Thanks Laszlo. Maybe it’s better to do it that way, or to require some kind of license. It will reduce the competition and only the serious ones will remain.

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