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BE360 Dome: an invisible 360 camera dive case that’s also affordable (sample video)

BE360 Dome invisible dive case for 360 cameras
BE360 Dome invisible dive case for 360 cameras

Be360 Dome is a dive case for 360 cameras that provides a completely unobstructed view, and it also happens to be one of the more affordable options.  Here are sample videos.

There are several dive cases available for 360 cameras.  Some have relatively smooth stitching but have a large nadir, such as Insta360’s dive cases for the Insta360 One X and Insta360 One R, and Ricoh’s dive case for the Theta V.  A popular third party dive case is the 360bubble, which looks like a goldfish bowl and has a smaller nadir.  Last year, 360bubble launched a crowdfunding campaign for a new type of dive case called Deep that would have a completely unobstructed spherical view.  The only problem was the eye-watering cost of £4,000.

Be360 is a new company based in Mexico that is creating dive cases that will also offer a complete 360 view but is much more affordable at around $100 plus shipping.

Be360 has been tested with GoPro MAX, GoPro Fusion and GoPro Hero.  However, the design will also likely be compatible with the Insta360 One R, which has a similar size to the GoPro Hero.

BE360 Dome is compatible with many cameras
BE360 Dome is compatible with many cameras

Please note that the camera will be completely sealed in the dome, therefore to control it, you will need a remote such as the GoPro Smart Remote (now compatible with GoPro MAX), or the Madventure remote for Mi Sphere, or for Insta360 cameras, the Bluetooth GPS remote or iPhone.   If your camera does not have remote activation capability, then you will need to begin recording before you close the dome.


BE360 is officially rated for 30 meters, but they have tested it up to 42 meters thus far.


Here is a sample video, shot on GoPro Fusion.  Note how the stitching appears smooth both above water and below water, and even in shots that are half above / half underwater.

One issue with the BE360 Dome is that tall cameras like the Insta360 One X or Ricoh Theta V will have the lens positioned very high in the sphere if they are mounted with a GoPro to 1/4-20 adapter.  Having the lens so close to the top may lead to distortion in the image.  My suggestion to them is to create a thin rectangular frame that will allow the One X or Theta to be mounted upside down, which would put the lens closer to the middle:

One X mounted upside down in the BE360 Dome
My suggestion: One X mounted upside down in the BE360 Dome

The rectangular frame could be made at low cost and it would be feasible to create several sizes for different 360 cameras, to put their respective lens in the center.  It could even be 3D printed by the customers themselves.  UPDATE: I’ve been in communications with BE360 and they agreed to try this rectangular frame.


If you are interested in the BE360, you can try to order it directly from them for $100 plus shipping.

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