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Beginners guide to 360 editing using insta360 studio 2019 edition

Beginners' guide to Insta360 Studio 2019
Beginners' guide to Insta360 Studio 2019

This 360 editing tutorial by EatSleep360 sticks to the basics and helps beginners to start using Insta360 Studio for ONE X to edit their 360 videos. If you are new to the insta360 ONE X and to the insta360 editing software then this is a great place to start.

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Rich Hookings


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  • Any clue why Insta360 Studio defaults to 1080p resolution when exporting a FreeCapture video? Premiere gets it out on ~6K as expected with GoPro VR Reframe (albeit a slightly different resolution than the original – guessing due to a limitation imposed by the plugin).

    I can manually set 5.7K resolution and the final result seems to look better but still puzzling me…

  • I am using Insta360 Studio for quite a while… Very unsatisfied.

    Just to give you impression – if you copy .insp file from camera into the folder with cyrillic name Studio says “file is corrupt”. If you use nadir icon from the file with cyrillic name it shows it in Studio but inserts just random image with non-cyrillic name in exported ipeg (and creates bunch of files including video in the camera folder dated 01.01.2018 so you accidentally can be out of space). You cannot stop export (e.g. you started to export hundred files – have to wait till the end). Etc.

    This looks like untested software written by students… I am not talking about UX – this is different story.

    Sad of Insta360…

  • Hi Rich.
    Being new to the Evo 360, I’m finding some of my video breaks up into pixelation and you can’t see the picture. Any Idea what causes this. I’m using a Samsung s8 with the camera, but that’s another story lol.

    all the best