Beon: a waterproof wristwatch with a 360 camera

Beon is a waterproof wristwatch with a built-in hemispherical 360 camera.

The specs are sparse right now, but here are the ones they’ve posted:
– waterproof (depth rating not yet known)
– removable, can be used independently from the strap.
– always on (ready to shoot any time)
– battery life: 4 days on 1 charge
– communicates with your Android or iOS phone via app.
– weighs 55 grams

Beon is launching on Indiegogo on or about Febuary 23 on March 1, with a super early bird price of $99.  The suggested retail price appears to be $250.

Here is the official website.  Thanks to Ed Lewis for bringing this to my attention!


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