Best 360 Camera Buying Guide – November 2018

Best 360 camera buying guide November 2018

Whether you’re buying your first 360 camera, or upgrading your old one, this video will help you find the best 360 camera for your needs! Here’s the video:

Best 360 camera buying guide (Nov. 2018): see the top 3 best 360 cameras of 2018, plus the best 360 cameras in 7 different categories. Finally, I’ll discuss upcoming 360 cameras so you’re not blindsided!
Part 1: Top tier 360 cameras
Part 2: Best 360 cameras in 7 categories
Part 3: Upcoming 360 cameras

To compare the cameras side by side, check the 360 camera comparison tool. You can also use the 360 camera comparison table to sort and filter the cameras by their video quality, photo quality, usability, features, weaknesses, compatibility.

Cameras shown in the video:
1. Insta360 One X (reviewed here)
Comparison with Fusion
Where to buy
2. GoPro Fusion (reviewed here)
Comparison with Insta360 One X
Where to buy
3. Rylo (reviewed here)
Where to buy
4. Ricoh Theta V (reviewed here)
Where to buy
5. Xiaomi Mi Sphere (reviewed here)
Where to buy
6. Insta360 One (reviewed here)
Where to buy
7. Samsung Gear 360 2017 (reviewed here)
Where to buy
8. Samsung Gear 360 2016 (reviewed here)
Where to buy
9. Kandao Qoocam (reviewed here)
Where to buy
10. Garmin Virb 360 (comparison here)
Where to buy
11. Yi 360 VR (reviewed here)
Where to buy
12. Kodak Orbit360 (reviewed here)
Where to buy
Vuze XR preview

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  • Hi Mic,

    I love your reviews, but can you also include ambient temperature and length of recording before a unit shuts down from over heating.

    If I may suggest, do a controlled environment test to simulate a 30 celsius ambient temperature to see how long the unit can record without over heating or shutting down. This will greatly help potential buyers from choosing their 360 camera.

    I live in Thailand and bought the Rylo, but it just can’t handle the ambient temperature here. My Rylo shuts down after about 10 minutes of 360 recording, when walking, and this is with their latest firmware with 5K recording.

    • i’m sorry to hear that. i’ll try to include that info, but i don’t have the equipment for it and it will take a very long time