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Beyond Tiny Planets: a tutorial on other 360 photo projections by RubenFro

A 360 photo by Ruben Frosali (@RubenFro)
A 360 photo by Ruben Frosali (@RubenFro)

Ruben Frosali is a 360 shooter who loves to use less commonly used projections, such as Mercator.  Here is a tutorial where he explains  how to use other projections to create dramatically warped 360 photos that look like scenes from Inception.

Ruben Frosali (@RubenFro) on Instagram
Ruben Frosali (@RubenFro) on Instagram

Here is Ruben’s tutorial:

In case you’re wondering, Ruben uses a Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere (reviewed here), which is my favorite consumer 360 camera for photos.  Meanwhile, how do you like these other projection types?  Let me know in the comments!  Thank you very much to Ruben Frosali for sharing these techniques.  You can follow him on Instagram here.


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