Big improvements to Insta360 Nano with app update

Insta360 Nano (reviewed here) is a 360 camera for the iPhone.  Insta360 updated the Nano app to version 1.5, which brought several improvements:

1. You can now edit/trim videos on the Insta360 Nano app.
You don’t always want to share your entire video, especially the part where you’ve just press the shutter button.  Now you can trim your video within the Nano app itself.   Just tap on the edit (pencil icon) on the top right corner of a video to bring up the video editor.  Editing the video in the app ensures that the 360 metadata will be preserved.

2. You can export videos in tiny planet format.
You can now export or share videos as a tiny planet video.  This gives another creative option for sharing your world in 360.

3.  You can share 9 images at a time (instead of one by one).
Previously, when sharing images, you had to do it one image at a time.  In version 1.5 of the app, you can now share up to 9 images at a time.

4.  Finer adjustment to exposure.
Exposure compensation can now be adjusted in smaller increments.

5.  Compatibility with iPhone 7.

These improvements are on top of previous ones:

1.  Fully customizable watermark.
When the Nano was first released, it put an Insta360 watermark on the nadir of all photos.  While it blocked the fingers from appearing in the shot, it looked too commercial.  Insta360 revised the app to include a customizable watermark — now the watermark can be removed completely, or replaced with any of several watermarks (such as a simple one that merely darkened the nadir), or your own watermark.

2. Self-timer
Insta360 added a self-timer that can be used with or without a smartphone.  The self-timer allows you to move your hand away from the Nano before the shot is taken, thus avoiding the giant hand/fingers syndrome.  More info here.

3.  Tripod adapter

Insta360 released a dedicated tripod adapter called the Nano Mount which allows the Nano to be used with a tripod and other accessories.  See my review here.

The Nano had always been a very good 360 camera, but with these improvements, Insta360 Nano is now one of the best 360 cameras for iPhone users.

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