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Bone Drone is a bizarre stick-like drone: watch it fly!

Bone Drone: a bizarre stick drone
Bone Drone: a bizarre stick drone

Can a bizarre stick-like drone fly?  Here’s an unusual quad called the Chinook, aptly nicknamed the “Bone Drone.”  Here’s the video by the crew at Rotor Riot:

Actually, you can buy quads with a similar, stick-like frame.  One of them is the Eachine E019.  I had one but I misplaced it 😅 .  But here is a review video of the E019 by Captain Drone and yes, it is as fun as it looks!

It seems the Eachine E019 is no longer produced, but here is a flying motorcycle drone with a similar frame.  Please note it does NOT have GPS stabilization, so you need to manage the throttle carefully.