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Bullet time handle now on Amazon! Use it with ANY camera!

Insta360 One bullet time handle
Insta360 One bullet time handle

The bullet time handle for the Insta360 ONE is now available on Amazon!

Insta360 ONE (reviewed here) is a 360 camera with several features, including bullet time — a special mode that allows you to rotate the One around you, recording video at super slow motion 240 fps (interpolated).  The result is a unique video that looks like a bullet time scene from the Matrix.  Here is a sample video and tutorial:

Originally, Insta360 suggested using a string or a monopod to rotate the One for a bullet time shot.  But I found it was more effective to use a handle with swivel:

Insta360 loved the idea and created a purpose-built bullet time handle but it was available exclusively from Apple (together with the Insta360 ONE)  or from Insta360’s online store.  But now, the handle is available from Amazon in a bundle that includes an ‘invisible selfie stick’ (so-called because when used with the One, the selfie stick appears invisible, creating a flying camera effect).

As shown in my video, this type of handle can be used to create a bullet time effect with any camera, although it works best with a camera with a high frame rate option, such as the Insta360 ONE.

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