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Where to buy, sell or trade your new or used 360 cameras and accessories without fees

Buy and sell new or used 360 cameras
Buy and sell new or used 360 cameras

With 360 cameras being out in the market for a few years now, there are a growing number of users who want to sell their 360 cameras to upgrade. At the same time, there are some users who want to get a bargain with a used 360 camera. is a new Facebook group that works as classified ads for 360 cameras, accessories, and services. Sure, there’s eBay and Amazon, but they have hefty fees for selling. On, there are no fees and you can post for free.  To improve reliability of transactions, it relies on a couple of mechanisms:

First, buyers and sellers use their Facebook profile to post.  The other party can then look at the profile and see if they are legitimate (e.g. if they belong to 360 camera groups, and what types of posts they’ve made).  Disposable accounts don’t get approval to post.

Second, buyers and sellers are encouraged to post feedback.  By reviewing the list of past transactions, you can see if the buyer or seller is a trustworthy resource.

What do you think of this new group?  Let me know in the comments!

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