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CammPro 1501 is a water resistant 3k 360 camera

CammPro 1501 is a fully spherical 3k 360 camera with water resistance.

Here are the key specifications:
– two 5mp sensors
– fully spherical field of view
– photo resolution: 5 mp or 9 mp
– video resolution: 2560 x 1280 @ 30fps
– Micro SD up to 128GB
– water resistant (IP54 – protected from water spray in any direction)
– dual band Wi-Fi

Here are the parts and controls:

Here are a couple of sample photos:

Here is the official website.

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  • Hi Rich. Depending on the price it might be ok as an entry-level 360 camera. But I don't know about the retail price. I also don't know about how well the app works, if it's reliable like insta360 or unpredictable like nikon keymission's snapbridge app.

    Best regards,

  • Fair enough. I suppose it would be fair to say that there is not enough information yet.

    I hope the stitching software gets better. Considering the distance between the lenses, the stitching should be better than what is shown in the sample photos, IMO. I guess we'll have to wait and see.